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Month: September 2017

Why Oxandrolone is a drug for the experts

Why Oxandrolone is a drug for the experts

If you haven’t heard about Oxandrolone chances are you already have a solid drug that you are using for your cycles and that you are trying to avoid taking this drug and for a very good reason.

Because among all the Anabolic steroids that are popular this one does need an extra caution and isn’t designed for beginners or people with pre-existing conditions and illnesses that will be mentioned later as we go along.

Not for beginners: So what is makes this drug, not for beginners? It’s really more on the strict cycle and managing the side effects and not to mention the limit of qualified people that can take this drug. If you don’t have a good understanding about drugs nor just starting your cycles this drug may prove to be too much for you.

Not for bodybuilding: This drug wasn’t intended for bodybuilding, this drug was intended for post-surgical recovery. As a treatment for muscle wasting and cachexia. As well as help promote recovery post-traumatic injury and surgery.

Bragging rights: What makes this drug enticing are its effects. People that take on this drug often brag about conquering this drug and for a very good reason. You are only allowed and limited to 6-8 weeks in length to maximize the effects of the drug and use it. Further than that is dangerous, so you can already see from there the great amount of discipline and dedication to harnessing the full potential of this drug.

Its effects: So what does it d exactly that people think that if they can muster this drug they feel like “the alpha” already? Pretty solid results really:

  • Promotes faster fat loss
  • Increase in athletic performance
  • Helps the body recover from workout beatings
  • Helps with muscle growth
  • Noticeable increase in strength

It’s side effects: You do need an advanced skill in managing cycles when you take on this drug because of its side effects. Advanced in both knowledge and experience.

  • Will affect the blood clotting factor
  • Can directly affect blood sugar levels
  • Teratogenic and not recommended for pregnant women
  • can pass thru the blood-brain barrier
  • Not recommended for breastfeeding mothers as this may affect infant’s growth and development

The more common noticeable side effects experienced by users of this drug are:

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Disruption of sleep patterns
  • Can affect mood

Oxandrolone is not an easy drug to get along with that is why this drug is controlled and the people that would dare to take on this drug are the seasoned ones and those that fit the requirement because of its side effects. The drug maybe challenging and if you want a real drug challenge this is the drug to beat. When you take this drug take extreme caution because of the many side effects that can possibly harm you. if you feel like you still don’t have the knowledge and experience to take on this drug don’t. if you only do this for the sake of a challenge and you want to prove something, it’s far too risky.