Stomach Bloat: How to Beat It

Stomach Bloat: How to Beat It

Stomach bloating is something that everyone dreaded to have especially when taking in steroids. Taking in steroids with no water retention is a crucial part for many bodybuilders.  Water retention is a big issue for bodybuilders as it can cause stomach bloating and body swelling. It’s a misconception among bodybuilders that once they get big muscles, that good. But they also have to look for swelling and bloating to balance their physical fitness.

Stomach bloating is common for those who take in steroids. Even with high-intensity exercises, it seems like the body is not losing any weight. Water retention is common when taking up steroids. But there are steroids that are available in the market that have less water retention. There are also other pills that help reduce water retention while on steroids.

But did you know that there are simple ways on how to make the stomach bloat go away? If you are struggling with bloated stomach because of steroids, you can try these simple ways.

  1. Drink Enough Water

Drinking enough water will keep your body hydrated. Ironic as it may seem, drinking enough water is the first defense mechanism from water retention and stomach bloating.

  1. Reduce Sodium Intake

Sodium can keep a lot of water in the body. Consuming foods that are rich in sodium, or salty foods can retain unnecessary body fluid. Eating less salty foods, taking in the right steroids and keeping the body hydrated will help to reduce stomach bloating.

  1. Eat Potassium-Rich Foods

Potassium can help to regulate the fluid balance of the body and keeps the bloat at bay. There are lots of food that contains potassium especially bananas that’s rich in potassium. Asparagus is also a good source of potassium. It contains an amino acid called that asparagine that acts as a diuretic that helps flush excess liquid out of the body. Thus, preventing stomach bloating and body swelling.

Stomach Bloat: How to Beat It

  1. Cut the Carbs

Another reason why there is stomach bloating is that of the carbs from rice, pasta, and bread. These carbs keep water and not the steroids. Cutting down consumption of carbs before bedtime will help to stop water retention.

  1. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Eating more food rich in fiber can aid in digestion. Sometimes, water retention is not the only problem for stomach bloating. But also because of indigestion or constipation. Eating fiber-enriched foods can help combat constipation and indigestion and prevent stomach bloating.

  1. Have a Regular Exercise

Bodybuilders who take on steroids should have an exercise regimen. Exercise is vital to creating and build-up the muscles they desire. Increase in cardio exercise will help them to sweat out any excess fluid in the system. Hence, no stomach bloating.

The bloating of the stomach is often caused by indigestion, water retention, lack of exercise and water retaining steroids. With proper diet, exercise, and the correct steroid intake, anyone can prevent stomach bloating and enjoy having a flat belly.

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