What to Do When the Temperature Spikes

What to Do When the Temperature Spikes

Many of us require air cooling for two reasons, one to make yourself comfortable and the other to protect the equipment. There are three means to make this happen that’s through ventilation, evaporative cooling, and refrigeration-based air cooling. It would really be a tough time when your air cooler malfunctions when you need it the most, Melbourne evaporative air conditioning services has you covered.

Trouble deciding between an evaporative cooler and air conditioners?

Here are a few comprehensive advantages of evaporative cooler over traditional air conditioners:

100% fresh air guaranteed for your family

A traditional air cooler doesn’t allow you to leave doors and windows open, but that’s where the evaporative air cooler overrules its competitor. The traditional air cooler circulates the same air present in the room, but the evaporative air cooler assures 100% fresh air for you and your family seamlessly.

Evaporative air coolers inject moisture into the air, which cools your home and office; this helps to keep the eyes and skin from dryness. Evaporative air coolers replace the contaminated air with a fresh supply of natural air, so the circulating air doesn’t turn stale.

Less money, more benefits

Evaporative coolers are cost-effective to maintain and operate, when compared to air conditioners. Air conditioners require regular maintenance of cleaning the air filter for maximum efficiency. However, the evaporative coolers require a minimal maintenance. The installation cost of the evaporative cooler is comparatively less to that of the air conditioners.

Eco-friendly air coolers suitable for any room

Evaporative air coolers are not only cost-effective, but they also help the environment by minimizing carbon dioxide emissions. They do bring down the amount of noise pollution, since they are quieter than its counterpart. Making it a perfect cooling option for your bedroom, office, and other living areas where you want to monitor the noise levels.

The hidden hazard

Most of you might not be aware of the hidden health hazards that come along with comfort. When purchasing the cooler, it’s obvious that you might not be informed of its harsh effects. There are more chances of mold developing due to water leaks and high humidity.

Here are few precautions to be taken while using evaporative air coolers:

Open doors and windows

Open doors and windows ensure moist air ventilation. On the other hand, condensation of walls and ceilings are prevented.

Regular maintenance services

Filter and cooling coils need to be cleaned regularly to avoid dirt, debris, and biological growth. It’s advisable to approach Melbourne evaporative air conditioning services to schedule a thorough regular service for your air cooler.

Fire safety

When there are chances of fire accidents, make sure to turn off the air coolers to prevent them from catching fire.

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