Various Acupuncture Techniques

There are several forms of non-traditional medicinal techniques and out of them acupuncture is a popular one. This form of medicine is having several variants such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese and other acupuncture techniques. It is quite efficient and is known to treat several long term disorders and pains. So if you are tired of taking resort to allopathic and other forms of medicine then acupuncture can be the best solution for you. These 8 constitutional medicine has become one of the best option and approach for pain treatment.

Globally acupuncture has become an efficient medicinal practice. Many of the public hospitals also recommend this therapy and 8 constitutional medicines as a procedure to relieve the pain symptoms. You must find and choose an efficient hospital and treatment center such as Hackensack for your acupuncture needs. Some of the prominent techniques used for acupuncture are as follows:

  1. Cupping: in this method a flammable substance such as alcohol, paper, or herbs are placed in 3-7 cups and then it is set on fire. After the flame goes off the cups are places on your skin upside down for around 3 minutes. When they cool, the vacuum in the cup causes the skin to rise and the blood vessels to expand. This helps in relieving pain, inducing relaxation and improving the blood flow.
  2. Electro-acupuncture: this method involves inserting needles at selected points of your skin and then small clips are used to generate small electric currents using a device. The device can be used to adjust the intensity and frequency of the impulses delivered to your skin. This is a quicker approach and delivers better results as there is control over the amount of stimulus that is given to a patient.
  3. GuaSha: This is a type of traditional Chinese medicine and involves applying pressurized strokes over the skin of the patient. Firstly the skin is lubricated and strokes are given using the gua massage tool. This improves the micro-circulation of the tissue in order to improve blood flow. It also helps in reducing inflammation and thereby promotes healing.
  4. Moxibustion: This is a heat therapy which makes use of dried plant materials which are known as “moxa” are burned close to the patients skin and warms the surface and invigorates positive energy in the body. It can also dispel pathogenic influences. It can also be used in combination with basic heat therapy.
  5. Tuina: This technique means pinch and pull and is a part of traditional Chinese medicine in which therapists gives massage using their hands, palms, fingertips, as well as knuckles in order to tap, press and knead specific areas of your body to restore balance of the bod.