Various Ways of Using Gazebo and Pavilions (Paviljong) to Design Landscape

Various Ways of Using Gazebo and Pavilions (Paviljong) to Design Landscape

Gazebo and pavilions (paviljong) are the outdoor structure which is being used to make backyard or places outside the house more happening. A gazebo is a hexagonal or octagonal structure with a dome roof and can host fewer people as compared to the pavilion while is a simple rectangular structure with a flat roof, and it is meant to take more people due to its spacious accommodation. Usually, it can hold 6 to 16 people. Both these structure finds its usage in the get-together, family lunch or dinner, small celebration, celebrating festivals, picnics, or sometimes close wedding. Apart from that you can sit, take a nap, read your favorite book, and you can also sleep at night in summer. Okay now, you have decent information about the structure, and you can connect with the upcoming segment.

The best place to place the structure: –

  • You have to keep it outdoor; still, there should be a perfect place for this also.
  • One of the best ways for this is to have a walk, see precincts from various angles, and try to find the answers to the upcoming questions.
  • Whether you wish to have a scenic view with a scope to see your neighbors or you want a calm place. It is very much subjective and varies from person to person. Do what you love.
  • Coming to next thought, do you want direct sun rays or a slanted one? Here also a choice varies, so what is yours? Do that and enjoy.
  • Carefully judge the proximity of the structure from the frequently visited place like a kitchen, washroom, store room, living room, etc., and then place it at the appropriate location.
  • So, till now you much have found the answer to these questions, if not, no worries, go out and explore.


Which style should you buy?

  • Now, coming to the next level, to a frequently asked question, regarding the style of gazebo and pavilions (paviljong).
  • There are numerous types of structure from where you can select such as Victorian style, Elizabeth style, summer house, festival edition, thatched hut, portable style, teahouse style, wooden-framed structure, metal gazebo or pavilions (paviljong), etc.
  • Don’t get confused with a wide variety of choice, you can select by considering one factor, and that is it should be well matching with the surrounding and fulfilling all your needs.
  • Moreover, it also depends on how you use it in the near future, which is what the primary purpose of buying this is? The answer to this question can help you to find your desired structure.

Well, you can buy from various online portals or offline stores. Nowadays, a structure is coming in different parts, and you have to assemble the part, and your structure is ready. Also, you can make it by yourself if you wish to have a simple structure by learning from books, internet videos; blogs, magazine, etc. Hope you have learned various ways of using gazebo and pavilions (paviljong)to design landscape

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