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6 reasons why your website testing company still offers manual testing

6 reasons why your website testing company still offers manual testing

Today, automated testing is in vogue, and more and more companies are investing in automation. It is no secret why many companies invest in automation. Thanks to test automation, companies can perform faster and faster tests, with the result that their application or product will be launched on time (or before).

Although automation has many advantages, an effective 안전놀이터 website testing company will not quickly give up manual testing. Below are 6 reasons why you shouldn’t.

Cost of the test 

Short-term costs for manual tests are lower than automatic ones. The initial cost of automated tests can be quite high. Test automation will require that you purchase and install automation if automation machines have not yet been installed in your company or your quality assurance partner. However, the cost of buying and installing manual machines is minimal. 

Integral applications 

If the application is too complex, manual testing may be the best solution for your quality needs. Test automation, however useful, may not work well with a very complex application. Your team of qualified engineers can automate a complex system, but it is not clear how long it will take or if the system will be reliable.

Project duration

If your project will be short term, it is better to perform manual tests. Since the initial cost of test automation is high and requires time to configure, train and test, it makes no sense to automate your project if your project is not continuous.

Type of test 

Another reason why effective company still use manual tests is because of the type of tests needed for their clients’ projects. Some types of tests are best performed manually, rather than automatically, since regression tests, smoke tests and hygiene tests and data-based tests are more effective if they are automated. User interface (make sure that the user interface meets the requirements), acceptance by the user (test by the target audience), usability test (measures the complexity of website use), error handling, installation and Safety test: all this is necessary and more efficient manual tests.

Human participation

High quality companies know that people are a great resource. Unlike machines, people are creative and can have many years of testing experience. Their creative skills and vast experience give them knowledge about what works in the tests and can help them find solutions to correct mistakes. Engineers, unlike machines, can develop valuable skills that allow them to thoroughly test a product.

Research evidence

It is very informal, improviser and depends on the creativity of the engineer. This type of test allows you to emulate the end user and find errors that users would have discovered or could have discovered if preliminary tests had been ignored and only had formal tests.