How to choose the right internet fax provider

How to choose the right internet fax provider

Traditional faxing can be a headache in today’s fast paced work world. If you don’t want yourself or your employees to lag behind, you need to adopt new technologies and innovations that will help you increase your productivity and save your costs. Online faxing is one among the amazing innovations that has changed work environment in the professional world. You simply need to sign up for internet faxing service with a provider and have an e-mail account to send and receive fax.

Switching to online faxing can save you money, time, and peace of mind. You don’t need to spend on traditional fax machines that are bulky and need constant servicing. Also, you don’t need to pay for the paper and ink if you’re using an online fax service. With internet faxing, you can choose which fax you need to get a print out of and print only those. The rest of the fax can be assorted and kept in separate folders in your computer or mobile device.

Now, you must be thinking how can you send an email to fax, if you’re not familiar with the concept or the process. The process is as easy as sending an ordinary e-mail. You just need to fill in the “To” field when you compose your fax with the fax number to which you need to send it to, followed by the domain name given by your fax service provider. You can type whatever you need to appear in the cover page of the fax in the “Subject” or the “Message” field. Now, attach the digital document of whatever you need to fax to the mail by uploading from your system or taking it from Google Drive if you’re using Gmail. Finally, just click on the “Send” button and you’re done!

 Now, if someone asks you “Can you send an email to fax?” you know what to say. While signing up for an internet fax service provider, you need to make sure that you are choosing the right service provider considering your needs and budget. Here are some important points you need to keep in mind while selecting a service provider.

Research on the service provider well

Make sure that the service provider is a well established company because if it is a small company with only a few people, there are chances that the server will go down. If the server goes down when you need to send a fax urgently, then there’s no point in paying for the service.

Different file formats

Different internet service providers let you use different ranges of file formats that can be attached to the mail that you will be sending to fax. Choose a provider who will let you use the file formats which you will be using the most.

Make sure there are no hidden charges

Even though some service providers give you “free service”, there might be certain limitations to it. For example, if you send or receive fax more than a particular number of times, you may need to pay extra. This kind of charges will be painful if you’re using the service for an entire office.

Make sure you can contact them

Be sure of the helpline number of your service provider. You may have doubts or emergencies regarding faxing and if things aren’t working out there should be someone out there to help you.


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