Why you need to take ultrasound?

Why you need to take ultrasound?

Getting the news of giving birth to a child is an awesome feeling to a woman and her man. This will be the dream of everyone and a woman gets fulfilled when she gets pregnant. Every parent is more curious about their baby inside the mother’s womb. As soon as you feel the symptoms of getting conceive then immediately consult your doctor to get confirmation of your pregnancy. If you get positive in pregnancy test the doctor will undergo various checkups on your body to analyze the health condition of the baby inside the mother. With the technological advancement many types of equipment have been introduced in the medical field for various testing purpose and delivery purpose. At the initial stage of pregnancy the doctor needs to confirm the heartbeat of the child. For that the ultrasound  is carried out to check the baby. Some doctors will say that you need to go for sonograph test. Many people have the doubt of what is the difference between sonogram and ultrasound? To get clear of your questions just go through this article or just visit official websites.

Ultrasound is nothing but the sound waves are used to visualize the baby inside the mother’s womb. It is a test that is commonly practiced by all medical doctors to test a pregnant woman. There are so many reasons for a woman to undergo this test.

  • To check the reliability of the baby that is formed in the womb. This confirms the sure pregnancy of a woman at the 6th
  • To calculate the length of the baby
  • To detect if there is any abnormal growth of baby in mother’s womb
  • To check the various organ growth of the baby

During your pregnancy period cycle you need to undergo the test whenever your doctor advises you. Many people have the doubt of is there any problem to the baby if the test is taken so many times. But don’t worry about this as this test involves the ultrasaound process where there are no effects due to the following reasons

  • Ultrasound is an non-radiational process
  • This involves use of only the sound frequency that is used in desired amount that is suitable for a pregnant lady.

This all ensures that the test would not affect the baby inside the mother. But sometimes you may hear the word sonograph by the medical practitioner. Don’t confuse them as both are same. Ultrasound is nothing but the process undertaken or the testing process. If you go for sonograph it is nothing but the copy of the health condition of your baby scanned using ultrasound method. The sonograph is a visible thing that is you can show your baby’s picture to others.


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