A little more ‘despicable me’!

A little more ‘despicable me’!

Despicable Me is definitely not all that despicable after all. Minions are one of the favorite characters that kids enjoy. Since the release of the movie, several minions merchandise has been sold, and that means getting your own kids room a little minion-ish.

To get a minion room makeover, all you need is yellows and blues. A little bit of creativeness in this direction can make for a great room surprise for children.

Paint the walls

A good place to start is the wall. Painting the walls in yellows and blues can make the room a lot colorful as well as happy. The blue color doesn’t dirty easily plus it will look like being inside a giant minion. Add a strip of black in the middle to give a final touch.


Doors are the gateway to everything. So make this a happy one for your child by making it into a minion. Color the doors too and add goggles and hands so your kids can hug the huge minions everytime they open the door.

Study Tables

Studying should be fun. You can help by making it minion too so that kids would enjoy even just sitting there. Add tablecloths painted yellow and blue on the table. You can also try getting the minion school set for your child.


This one would be the most exciting one. If you are considering buying furniture, then there are sofa beds with huggable minions on them. Alternatively, you could purchase some minion bedsheets that would go great with minion pillows.


You can get blue and yellow carpets to compliment the décor. Better still, get just one color since too much of it may disturb the flow. Yellow dirties easily so a blue one will look pretty. If the room is smaller, you can use yellow since lighter colors make rooms look wider.


You can also purchase cute minion printed curtains for the windows. This will add the final touch to the room. While printed curtains will look better, you may choose either blue or yellow as plain curtains too.

So, that makes for a complete minion room makeover. The absurd and honest character of minions makes them adorable. So if your child is a minion fan, there would be nothing more exciting than sleeping in a minion room and brushing with a minion brush. You can also consider buying other minions merchandise like minion pillows, minion pen holders, etc., to go along with the theme.

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