Follow simple tips and ensure effective operation of your Aircon unit

Follow simple tips and ensure effective operation of your Aircon unit

Your air conditioner is an appliance which is highly used during the warm and humid days than compared to any other electric appliance. However, your Aircon air conditioning unit may become non-functional, just when it is most needed. An air conditioner is similar to any other machinery and thus needs regular maintenance for offering optimal performance. This is why it is important to conduct routine maintenance of the air conditioning unit for it to function effectively and also save you a considerable amount of money on repairs.

Tips to ensure an efficient working air conditioning unit

  • The most important thing you should begin with is to have your Aircon air conditioning unit’s filter changed on a regular basis. You should inspect the filters at least one time in a month. Ideally, it is best that you spend a bit more on having a good air filter. This is because the filter is what keeps the dirt from entering your unit and maintains a healthy indoor air.
  • Another tip is to maintain a clear space around the exterior area of the unit. Ensure that you cut-short the bushes and keep the leaves and debris from getting collected outside the unit. It is important to maintain a fair amount of airflow as possible to have the unit running optimally.
  • Next tip which you need to consider is to clean the Aircon unit’s condenser. You can use a garden hose having a spray top-end to remove any sort of dust or debris which tends to build up on the condenser. However, do make sure that you have switched off the unit from the power supply before cleaning the condenser. A neat and clean condenser will help you save energy bills and unwanted breakdowns.

  • When you clean the outer side of the unit, you can also spray the exterior cabinet of the unit. This will prevent rusting of the cabinet prematurely and to also maintain a neat and clean unit from the outside.
  • The final tip which you should consider is to maintain a clean condensate drain line. Having clogged drain lines can result in your unit facing a lot of damage. The best way to keep a clean drain line is by following a simple home remedy of adding a cup of white vinegar in the drain line. This will help avoid blockage in the drain line.

The above mentioned are the major tips you as an Aircon air conditioning unit owner should do to have a smooth running and efficient system with less number of breakdowns. However, it is still advised that you seek the help of air conditioning services brisbane‌‌  at least once a year to have the entire system or at least commercial aircon unit  inspected. The professional technician will locate any small issues before they turn out to be a bigger one. Though calling a professional for help  will cost you money but will also help you save money later in the future.

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