Admit it, a lot of cannot live without a fridge, I mean it is part of every household and it is not just about freezing food and preserving it for days or even weeks and chilling your favorite drink or store food.

Refrigeration helps us preserve our food by slowing down the bacterial growth or decomposition of our food. It also helps keep the nutrients packed in our food by preserving it and keep its freshness. Cold temperature kills bacteria that spoil our food that is why the fridge is completely important apart from keeping your ice cream from melting down.

However, the fridge would be the top consumer of electricity in our household since we rarely set that off except when we are starting to defrost it. Every household that has its own fridge would surely understand how much a fridge costs in our electricity bill compared to households that do not use it.

An average fridge in a single household uses approximate 90-watts to 600-watts of electricity which costs a lot of money for a monthly bill that is why it is important for us to learn some energy conservation tips. In fact, fridge or freezers are 16 to 20-percent of your total electric bill and that costs a lot already.

Fridge and an air conditioning unit have the same cost in our electricity bill and it pains to see that these two very useful and convenient appliances are the ones that put a hole in our pocket but there are tons of ways that we can cut its cost and save on our electric bills and in this article, I’ve listed down below some of the most important tips that you will surely find useful.

  • THE 2/3 FULL RULE- You may not know that your fridge or freezer consumes more electricity to keep the cold temperature inside to replace all the cold air that came out every time you open it? Probably not. Around 1/3 of the cold air from the fridge comes out every time you open. This is important for you to know because a lot of us in the house open the fridge door frequently to get something. One way to prevent the cold air from coming out is to get everything you want to get from the inside all at once.
  • ADJUST THE TEMPERATURE- It is not necessarily for you to increase the coldness of the fridge to the maximum level just too quickly cool things down or to freeze something because it will surely increase your electric meter that will reflect in your monthly electric bill. You should practice a little patience. If you want to chill some drinks it’s better to store it inside the fridge hours before you consume it or if you are planning to freeze something, it’s better to freeze it overnight so that the next day, it will completely freeze and ready for use. The optimum temperature range inside the fridge is from 37-degree Fahrenheit up 40-degree Fahrenheit while the coldest is below zero degrees Fahrenheit up to five-degree Fahrenheit and always minimize opening the door frequently.
  • KEEP IT FULL- Keeping it full in a way that you do not force everything to fit in. You should proportionally store items inside the fridge in a way that the cold temperature can easily circle inside to chill the items faster. Do not place hot food inside the fridge because it will only increase the temperature and slows down the cooling effect of it so it’s much better to cool down the food before storing them inside the fridge.

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