R&B: The most trusted used-car dealership in Fontana

R&B: The most trusted used-car dealership in Fontana

Do you reside in the southern California area? Have you grown tired of your car? Or are you looking for a new car and don’t mind if it’s used? Then you should head over to ‘R&B’ auto center in Fontana and get yourself sorted. Over at R&B, you will find many cars to your liking and requirement. Ever since they set up shop in 1985, they have worked hard to make a name for themselves with their excellent customer service and their large inventory of ordinary and exotic cars. There are over 25 makes of cars available. If you’re in the market for a sedan, motorcycle, SUV, RV or even a Coupe, they have it all. With confidence, you can say that R&B is the best used-car dealership in Fontana.

Apart from being the highest rated used car dealership in Fontana, ‘R&B’ provide other customer-oriented services. If you have poor credit or a low budget, that’s alright because due to their strong partnership with different financial institutions, R&B is always ready to help you with any financing. Another great service they provide is the exchange of old cars for cash. This is very practical if you are looking to replace your old car while simultaneously getting a discount on your new vehicle. This proves that whatever your automobile issues may be, ‘R&B’ auto center has already come up with solutions.

In this age of technology, ‘R&B’ has kept the pace up by maintaining a strong online presence in the form of a functional website. On ‘randbautocenter.com’ you will find a huge inventory of used and pre-owned cars. Searching for your desired car online has never been easier.  Each car listed, contains details of all the technical specifications and the service/maintenance history. This is helpful to clear most of your doubts regarding any issues with the car. Maintenance for the first year after purchase is also covered free of cost by R&B.

The business hours at the ‘R&B’ start as early as 8 am and closes as late as 9 pm. Also, car sales is open on all days. This allows clients to receive the highest quality service on any day of the week. When it comes to car repairs and service, ‘R&B’ is the name to trust. You can rest assured with the knowledge that every mechanic at ‘R&B’ is ASE certified and well versed in their trade. Some of the service work includes Filter change, Fluid top-ups, Headlight and windshield restoration/replacement and even equipping cars with state of the art security systems. Customers are even encouraged to ask about the special oil change and tire rotation procedures performed at the service and repair shop. At R&B, the motto states “We treat you like family”.

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