Tips to self-inspect a roof

Tips to self-inspect a roof

Inspecting a roof for damage must be done at least once or twice a year under normal conditions. This can help prevent further damage if roof issues are addressed promptly. If there has been an extreme weather condition in your area, like storms or hailstones, it is a good idea to inspect the next day.

You may want to hire a professional to take a look, most roofing companies offer free inspections. However, a routine inspection is easy and can be done by oneself. Keep the following points in mind when inspecting your roof.


Make it a routine to inspect your roof twice a year. If there is a storm, make sure to inspect the roof the following day. This can help reduce extended costs in the long run. Remember, the sooner you fix the problem, the lesser it will cost.


Certain areas of roofs are more prone to damage than others. This depends on the type of roofing material in use. Metals are prone to rust while woods may decay or rot. Asphalt shingles granulate when they decay, so watch out for granules.


Where to look-

Taking a complete tour of the roof is a good idea. You can start from the sides and edges. Concentrate on joints and flashings. Once you are done, inspect the general area one after the other in this order. Later, also take a look inside, if you have an attic.

Inside check

Check your attic for signs of decay and leaks or drips. Other signs of a faulty roof are ceiling or wall discoloration or sagging. If the interior is damaged, it is an open indicator of a faulty roof and you may need to contact a roofer and your insurance company for repairs.

High-end materials

Don’t neglect your roof just because it is made up of high-end materials like slate, clay tiles or cement shingles. They can last around 50 to 75 years but you need to care for them exceptionally well. Look for brittle and broken pieces and inspect them using binoculars to avoid treading on them.

Book for the look-

If you suspect damage in some areas, you may want professional help. Keep up with the well-being of your roof by getting a contractor to inspect your roof bi-yearly. Many contractors offer free inspection and it can really help reduce the damage from neglected roofing problems.

A stitch in time saves nine, goes the saying. So it is better to repair smaller damages than bigger ones. If roof care is neglected, it can result in the need of entire roof replacement sooner than required.

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