Two key aspects to determine the quality of diamond jewelleries

Two key aspects to determine the quality of diamond jewelleries

Diamond buying is an art. It should not be taken like every other product buying. Considering the huge budget this jewelry carry, it’s imperative to know the right principles to buy these products. Given below can be an effective guide for buying a diamond that can assure about quality and budget.

First: Diamond Cuts

The most important aspect of a diamond that needs to be taken care of is its cut. It is here to note that it’s the right cut that ensures the user about the best sparkling effect with the diamond jewelry. Moreover, it should be understood that a diamond with a low-level cut or improper cut can make the product look unimpressive, no matter how high-end the quality is. Poorly cut diamond makes the product look little in size as well.

It is thus recommended to go with an expert who understands or has the knowledge of diamond cuts before shopping for diamond look cubic Zirconia  jewelry. A poor cut can just ruin the clarity effect of the diamond. Technically, the diamonds are essential to be designed with desired proportion in a way that would enable light to pass from the top.

This creates the glittering effect of the product. Improper cuts with the diamonds make the light pass through the bottom. Poor cuts make the light pass through sideways as well. This is the reason that the diamond cut is given so much importance. The diamonds with best cut grades may be comparatively expensive, but it should be preferred for the best quality.  

Quality of diamond jewelleries

Second: Diamond color

The other crucial aspect that places a key role in diamond quality is its color. Interesting here is to note that the diamonds of ultimate quality are colourless. The ones in which the color can be distinguished are those of lower quality. Specifically, the diamonds generating comparatively yellowish are considered of lower quality. One may take reference of standards assigned by Gemological Institute of America.

They have graded the diamonds in the range of D to Z. Colour effect and the quality of a diamond can be easily guessed following the standards set by GIA. The top diamond industries follow the standards set by GIA to determine the true color of diamonds. They take the chart provided by GIA into consideration. Good to know that understanding the standards set by GIA is also not tough to be understood by a common man.

The chart provided by GIA segments diamonds into six types. As per this, the diamonds vary from colorless to colorful ones. D grade diamonds are the best quality as these are moreover colorless in nature. However, it’s true that D grade diamonds are the most explicit ones; rare of the rarest. Hence, the G and H grade diamonds are considered the best quality in the genuine diamond market.  You can check collection of Artificial or laboratory made diamonds or Cubic Zirconia at online shop Make Vana.

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