Things which can cause weak bones

Things which can cause weak bones

Are you having pain in your bones while moving around? If you have any problems in your bones then it can be due to bone loss. It can cause pain in your bones and make them weaker. You should always be careful and aware when it comes to your health. If you do not want to face any serious problems then you should take proper precautions. These are some of the reasons which can result in weaker bones.

Not doing proper exercises–

When it comes to taking care of your body then exercising regularly is very important. It can help in improving your fitness. It is very important that you exercise on a regular basis so that you will not face any type of health issues. You can go for a walk or join a gym to get the proper physical training required by yourbody.

Eating acidic foods–

You should always keep alkaline to a minimum for maintaining a healthy body. If you eat too much acidic food then it can cause you many serious problems. Eating acidic food can cause a deficiency of calcium in your body. Foods like meat, dairy items, and sugar can cause an acidic environment in your body.

Smoking or drinking–

If you are heavy smoker or drinker then the chance of having weaker bones are very high. That is why the first thing a doctor suggests is to avoid them. If you want to get rid of your weak bones problems than it is very important that you stop drinking or smoking as soon as possible.

Overtraining in GYM–

Going to the gym and exercising is a very good thing but you should also be very careful that you do not over exert yourself. Over-exercising can decrease your bone density which can drop your estrogen level and cause bone breaking. Overtraining can lead to bone loss which can cause osteogenesis imperfecta disorder. To minimize the risk of injury you should avoid overtraining.

Old age can cause bone disease –

Increasing age can be a prominent factor which can cause weak bones. As you start getting older your bones and muscles will start getting weaker. The older you get you will have a risk of falling and getting fractures. Physical movement during old age will also become restricted. So you should keep in mind to exercise properly and keep your bone density high.

These are some of the things which you can look out for preventing bone loss which can cause osteogenesis imperfecta. If you want to stay fit then you should eat healthily and regular exercise so that you do have any disease. You can also get a balanced diet by taking the help of a nutritionist.

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